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Girls Secondary School Arusha Tanzania STUDENT ADMISSION

...a school part of Mary Queen Net an association managed by Kiswila Mineral Co. ltd 

Welcome to the Sakina secondary school in Arusha

(a school part of Mary Queen Net, an association managed by Kiswila Mineral Co ltd)

(by its Managing Director)


I extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to explore our website to discover what makes ours a special school.

The Academy is at an exciting time in its over 20-year history, and we continue the founding mission of offering outstanding education to both young women and boys of the 21st century.

As a Catholic, independent school the Academy provides an outstanding college-preparatory education. Caring teachers, small classes, a rich and varied curriculum, and lively, enthusiastic students make the Academy unique.

Along with its quality academic program, the Academy focuses on character and values, cooperation, mutual respect and service. Our school is a place where young students learn to listen, question, challenge, probe and gain the knowledge and confidence that will allow them to think for themselves and make good decisions. We believe that excellence in education enables students to value themselves as individuals, while at the same time, prepares them to participate with confidence in a complex and changing society.

It is a given that the students at our school will receive an outstanding academic education, but most important, I value the fact that the students are surrounded by people who care about them and care about one another.

Vincenzo Ciccarelli
Managing Director (Kiswila Mineral Co. ltd)