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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Catholic schools only for Catholic students?
A: Catholic schools welcome students from families from a range of faith backgrounds. 30% of pupils at Catholic schools are of other faiths or none. Catholic schools have a track record of supporting minority religions as they integrate into the local community.

Q: Do Catholic schools teach the national curriculum?
A:Yes. All Catholic voluntary aided schools have a duty to teach the national curriculum and Catholic academies are obliged by their funding agreement to provide a broad and balanced curriculum. This includes evolution and reproduction in science.

Q: Do Catholic schools teach about other          faiths?                                                            
A:Yes. Catholic schools are obliged to follow        guidance from the Catholic Bishops' Conference   which states that Religious Education must          provide pupils with a basis of knowledge and       theological understanding of the Catholic faith     and an awareness of the faith and traditions of    other religions in order to respect and                 understand them.
Q: Do you have to be Catholic to teach in a       Catholic school?                                              

most of the teachers in Catholic schools are Catholic. Catholic schools value and respect all staff members regardless of backgrounds or beliefs and promote and support the vocation of teaching.

For certain leadership positions  there is a requirement that the position be filled by a practising Catholic in order to maintain the Catholic ethos of the school.