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by Vincenzo A. Ciccarelli. Managing Director Kiswila and President of the Association Mary Queen of Africa

 I extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to explore our website to discover what our Association is aiming to, what are the advantages to be of, what are the rationales, reasons and values  for it. The association, founded and managed by  iswila Mineral co. ltdd,is acting as the vehicle for all its subscribed schools with the aim of providing quality guidelines, state-of-the-art teaching and managerial practices and joining forces to assure a sustainable growth and an accessible quality private education  to the Tanzanian population..

Two major arenas:

  1. Catholic Secondary schools
  2. Catholic University (future project)




          Are you a Catholic secondary school?

Join us!

Do you want to become a Catholic secondary school?

Join us!

Please download the text of the proposed agreement, sign it, scan it and email it to us at


Why should you join us:

We offer support to:

  • increase number of students
  • technological transfer
  • administrative assistance
  • financial support
  • property refurbishment and maintenance.

Courses for Secondary school available on the internet free of charge and made in collaboration with the most prestigious Universities in the world




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bill horst
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Morning Star
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Betty Mitchel
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Mount Udzungwa
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Queen Mary


About our Association

The Association Mary Queen of Africa has been created by the company Kiswila Mineral Co ltd, which has been incorporated in Tanzania in July 2013 with the mission to create a synergic and cross fertilizing link between the world of education and the world of business.  

The mission of the company consequently embraces both:

  1. Education, more specifically Catholic Secondary education

  2. Business, in particular in the field of constructions and mining


To be one of the leading companies in Tanzania in the Catholic education sector, particularly as for the secondary school, aiming at the following tacks.

The secondary education sector is becoming more competitive in Tanzania due to the increasing number of schools and to the recent decision of the Government to make free of cost the education up to level 4. The catholic schools in order to face this new scenario must reduce fees, improve their education offer to make it appeal-able and competitive. To do that it is necessary to join forces and create and exploit any possible synergy to be in a position to improve the didactic offer, to reinforce the Catholic characterization of our proposal and to reduce fees. A coordination and strict collaboration is necessary to reach this target. The Diocese of Morogoro and other investors created a Company named Kiswila also with this specific target. Kiswila is proposing itself as the vehicle for the secondary catholic schools to join forces and merge together.

vincenzo achille ciccarelli     

Vincenzo Achille Ciccarelli 

CEO & Founder

Kiswila Mineral co ltd. and Mary Queen of Africa association

Contact: email:


Fr Makseyo Luitfrid  

President of the Mary Queen of Africa association

Contact: email:


John Kidasi

Secretary of the Association

Head Communication Kiswila Mineral co ltd

Contact: email:

Telephone 0756647566 



Lets get in touch and talk about your and our next project.

(tel. 0756647566 )