a Tanzanian Association for Catholic Secondary Education and University

    Bridges among Catholic Schools

by Vincenzo Ciccarelli Kiswila Managing Director (vincenzo.ciccarelli@kiswila.com)

The secondary education sector is becoming more competitive in Tanzania due to the increasing number of schools and to the recent decision of the Government to make costless the education up to level 4.
The catholic schools in order to face this new scenario must reduce fees, improve their education offer to make it appeal-able and competitive.
To do that it is necessary to join forces and create and exploit any possible synergy to be in a position to improve the didactic offer, to reinforce the Catholic characterization of our proposal and to reduce fees.
A coordination and strict collaboration is necessary to reach this target.
The Diocese of Morogoro and other investors created a Company named Kiswila also with this specific target.
Kiswila is proposing itself as the vehicle for the secondary catholic schools to join forces and merge together.
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A greeting from Fr Medard Mikisi. Spiritual Assistant for the Mary Queen Net.

I am really proud, eager and enthusiastic to support the Association Mary Queen of Africa, an association of Catholic secondary schools, aiming at the integral education of the person and at reinforcing the Catholic character of the schools.

It will be a pleasure for me to be at the service and to announce the Gospel and its values to all: teachers, students, employees etc.

I look forward to meeting all and each of you.

Fr Medard Kumamhi